My favorite 100 albums of all time: #78 ("Evolution")

Album Cover - Journey's "Evolution" There are many sins in programming music on radio stations, but here are a few biggies: "Train wrecks," where the second song is jarring and takes the listener out of the moment; "Ramps," when the deejay talks over the instrumental lead of the song; and failing to program Journey's "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" and "City of the Angels" back to back.

Loving Journey's 1979 classic rock masterpiece Evolution may not mark me as a musical connoisseur, but I wear my affection for this one proudly. The fact that Journey's Evolution is on the list is a happy accident of fate. Sure, I heard Journey all over the airwaves living near St. Louis. They were a staple on Album Oriented Rock (AOR) stations like KSHE and KSD. But I discovered Journey thanks to finding a discarded 8-track tape in a building my dad rented briefly for sign painting and other work.

It's a miracle the 8-Track didn't wear out or disintegrate from overplaying. First, as a youngster with a pretty small music collection, I tended to put things in very heavy rotation. Second, it's a damn good album, and I never got tired of popping it into the stereo and attempting to match Perry's amazing vocals. Spoiler alert: I never really could.

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My favorite 100 albums of all time: #87 ("Dreamboat Annie")

Album Cover: "Dreamboat Annie" by Heart Before I owned this album, I'd happily empty my pockets of change – or beg my parents for a quarter – to put "Magic Man" on the jukebox. To this day it feels a little like cheating* that I can just play "Magic Man" any damn time I want.

Turns out, I want to pretty often. I turn to Dreamboat Annie all the time when I'm looking for something to listen to while I read or work on the computer.

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My favorite 100 albums of all time: #98 ("Bat Out of Hell")

Bat_out_of_HellI deliberately posted the first entry in this series without having the entire list finished. Mainly because I knew that once the list was closed, I'd keep finding albums I had missed or questioning choices. 100 albums? Only 100? Yeesh.

Bat Out of Hell, though. It had to be on this list, somewhere. It has been part of my musical life for damn near 40 years. When Bat Out of Hell was first released, I was just seven years old, and heard it all over the place.

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