Fedora Cloud IRC Meeting Today (22 January 2014) at 17:00 UTC

Reminder that there’s a standing IRC meeting for the Fedora Cloud Working Group on Wednesdays at 17:00 UTC. This will be on Freenode in the #fedora-meeting-1 channel.


No new business on the agenda currently:


  • PRD recap, pending issues, and (potentially) initial assignment of work.
  • GCE image status update.
  • FOSDEM/cfgmgtcamp/Infrastructure.Next Meetup planning?

To add to the agenda, reply to the email, or file a new ticket on Fedora Hosted. (Or bring it up during the open floor period at the end of the meeting.)

PRD Hackfest on Wednesday at 14:00 UTC

The Fedora Cloud Working Group and Fedora Server Working Group will be holding a “hackfest” on Wednesday at 14:00 UTC to finalize the Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) for the Cloud and Server Working Groups (respectively).

Join us Wednesday in IRC (#fedora-cloud and #fedora-server on Freenode, though we may use one of the #fedora-meeting channels for collaborating…) to help knock out the PRDs and get them in shape for the mid-January deadline.

You can find the PRDs here:

Fedora Cloud Internships Available!

Red Hat is offering two internships for working on Fedora’s Cloud offerings. The jobs are:

Follow the links for more info, and note that the location requirement may be flexible. See also Matthew Miller’s note to the Fedora Cloud mailing list here.

Cloud Workgroup Meeting: 11 December 2013

Fedoracloud300The Cloud Workgroup met today (11 December) in #fedora-meeting-1 on Freenode. Discussion today focused on the Fedora Cloud PRD.

The group is currently targeting 15 December for the completion of the PRD, but (as per discussion today) that’s likely to slip slightly. The actual deadline is in January, the 15 December date is a self-imposed deadline to finish a draft.

VDI / cloud desktops were discussed as a possible use case, but it was agreed that was probably outside the current scope of the Cloud Workgroup. We agreed to reach out to the Desktop Workgroup on this topic, and the possibility was raised that it might require its own SIG.

Several members agreed to take new sections of the PRD to work on in the next few days, and anyone is welcome to jump in and work on sections of the PRD to help get it finished. Use cases are particularly important.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 at 17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting-1 on Freenode. See the full log or minutes on the meetbot site.

Cloud Workgroup Meeting: 4 December 2013

Fedoracloud300The Fedora Cloud Workgroup met today (4 December 2013) in the #fedora-meeting-1 channel on Freenode, and discussed release cadence/lifecycle, the product branding ticket, PRD, release criteria for images after Fedora 20, and more.

Present this week (by IRC nick): frankieonuonga, geppetto, jzb, mattdm, number80, rbergeron.

Release Cadence

After some discussion, it was decided that the Fedora Cloud images would follow a monthly cadence plus “trigger-based” updates if the updates exceed 50 MB and/or the update is security related.

Product Branding

The Fedora Design Team has asked for feedback from the working groups to work on branding for the separate projects. The questions were discussed at last week’s meeting, and also some feedback had come in via the mailing list ahead of last week’s meeting.

The group seemed to be in agreement on the responses, so jzb agreed to consolidate that and forward it on to the Fedora Design team.

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

The workgroup is currently trying to pull together a PRD before December 15th. There’s been little activity on the PRD since the last meeting, but it was agreed that frankieonuonga would take lead on the CloudStack section, and jzb would work on the Release/Product Overview section this week.

If the PRD still needs work after this week, the workgroup will try to schedule a hackfest to put in order ahead of the 15th.

Tabled for Future Meetings

Two topics were tabled for later, due to time and/or need to gather more information prior to discussion.

  • Release Criteria for post-F20 images is being held until after the Fedora 20 release. A Trac ticket has been set up and proposed criteria can be added there for the time being.
  • Relationship with the Server Workgroup. This discussion was deferred to the mailing list/next week’s meeting due to time.

Nightly qcow Builds

It was pointed out that we now have nightly qcow builds thanks to Release Engineering. You can find them in Koji.

The full log of the meeting is available, as are the minutes. Feel free to join the Fedora Cloud mailing list to join in the discussion, or find us on Freenode in the #fedora-cloud channel.

Tracking the Fedora Cloud Workgroup

The Fedora Cloud Workgroup is leading the design and production of Fedora’s cloud product. The workgroup is a subset of the Fedora Cloud SIG, one of the teams that works on the Fedora Linux distribution.

The workgroup is responsible for producing the Product Requirements Document (PRD) and coordinating production of the Fedora Cloud operating system by working with existing groups/teams in the larger Fedora Project.

This blog will track the meetings and goings-on of the Fedora Cloud Workgroup to make its operations and progress more visible to folks who are not directly working on the Cloud project.